Step Back in Time and Experience the Medieval Period with Tenerife Banquet Night Show

Have you ever wanted to go back to medieval times and experience it live with corset dresses and armour? The Medieval Banquet Night Show in Tenerife can get you a taste of how it felt like to be in the 5th to 15th centuries.

What is the Medieval night show in Tenerife?

This is an extraordinary night show in Tenerife that takes place on Thursday and Saturday from 7 pm to 9:15 pm. It gives you the experience to explore the medieval castle and enter the magical world of Knights tournaments. The show takes place at Castillo San Miguel which is an impressive medieval castle constructed of 6,000 square metres made of typical Canarian stone.

It is a spectacularly entertaining show where you will watch the jousting match of the knights and feel marvelled at the singers from “The Drifters Show” along with a medieval-style dinner banquet served with wine.”.

Booking for the show

Booking for the Medieval night Tenerife is available with Club Canary which is a tour agency offering the best things to do in Tenerife. Your booking for the show would include free and convenient car parking, food and drinks, and cancellation 24 hours before the show timing.

Club Canary is located in the Plaza del Duque shopping center where you will find local experts who will share everything about making your Tenerife visit the most exciting and thrilling. They provide activities in South Tenerife for visitors who are looking for fun, adventure, and exploring new places.

Visit their website to view the categories of sections like whale and dolphin watching, private boat trips, evening shows, theme parks, water parks, diving and fishing, excursions, bus tours, and various services.

Medieval night show details

The Medieval night show in Tenerife will offer you an unusual and unique experience of travelling back in time. The entire experience kicks off as soon as you enter the San Miguel Castle, dating back to 1575. The remarkable architecture of the castle with soaring towers will greet you.

The interiors are decorated with tapestries, shields, and armours hanging on the walls that will instantly give you a feeling of the ancient medieval period. You will be given a crown and a colour, which signifies the estate you belong to and you are supposed to cheer for during the battle.

You also get to meet the Duke and the Duchess. You will be taken upstairs to your seats where the show takes in the Tournament Hall.

As the Tenerife medieval show begins, the Town hall will have horsemen riding inside, a scene that you normally see in movies. This is the signal for the medieval fight to begin. Very soon you will find yourself cheering and applauding for your knights and their victory.

Enjoy this fight scene along with a delicious three-course meal including drinks and desserts. The dinner will also be served just like medieval period without utensils. You are to have the meal by drinking the soup and eating with your hands.

If you want to experience a different kind of scene during your Tenerife vacation, then the Medieval night show is something that you should visit.

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