How to pack and prepare for removals and storage?

This will help you determine if you have to pack up and move. Go through every room, cupboard, drawer, and storage area. Make a list of furniture, boxes, and belongings as you go. This audit will give you an idea of how many packing boxes, tape, and other supplies you may need. It also helps prevent leaving anything important behind by accident on a moving day.

DE clutter before packing 

As you conduct your home audit, get ruthless about decluttering. Be brutal about discarding or donating anything you no longer need or want. It is the perfect opportunity to downsize and eliminate belongings gathering dust. The less stuff you have, the easier and more affordable your move will be. Ask yourself the key decluttering questions as you sort through items – “Do I use this? Does it still have value? Do I need to keep it?”

Wrap fragile items carefully

Use plenty of bubble wrap, packing paper, or towels to wrap up fragile items. Ensure delicate plates, glasses, and ornaments are well protected inside boxes. Clearly label any fragile cartons as “fragile” so they are handled carefully during the move. Pack heavier items at the bottom of boxes and lighter ones on top to prevent damage.

Keep essentials accessible

While packing the majority of your home, keep the essentials you’ll need during the packing period easily accessible. It includes changes of clothes, medications, documents, phone chargers, pet supplies, children’s toys, and other critical items. Pack a “final move” bag or box with these essentials that stay with you on a moving day.

Use colour coding

Use colored stickers, tape, or markers to color code boxes by room and priority. It makes it easy when loading and unloading the removal and storage van to go together. Color coding boxes also help you identify essentials versus those needed later for setting up each room. Common color-coding conventions include:

  1. Red for living room
  2. Blue for kitchen 
  3. Green for bedroom
  4. Yellow for bathroom
  5. Orange for valuables

Protect valuables 

Items of special value like jewelry, photos, and important documents deserve extra protection. Use small secure boxes and keep these valuables with you during the move rather than in the removal van. You may also want to rent a safe deposit box to store precious items securely off-site during the move.

Clean before leaving

Once all your belongings are packed up, give your old home a thorough clean before handing over the keys. Wipe down surfaces, vacuum carpets, and mop floors throughout. Dispose of any debris and rubbish properly. Leave the property clean and tidy for the next residents. It also protects your rental bond if you move out of a rental property.

Plan carefully on moving day

The moving day is hectic enough without being disorganized. Ensure your removal team has accurate details of your new address and access instructions. Keep your phone charged so you contact them if needed. Have your “moving day” essentials bag handy with things you’ll need for moving, such as snacks, drinks, documents, and supplies for kids and pets. Stay on-site as your items are packed into the truck to ensure proper care and handling.


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