Pikes Ibiza – All you need to know!

Ibiza is no doubt the best destination for any traveller. The small island is the next wonder without any doubt. And there is a reason why!

Its rocky coast, accompanied by crystal clear waters, green and lush forest, and musical nights is just some of the few reasons why tourists from all around the world just love to visit Ibiza.

They say your visit to Spain is incomplete if you don’t visit Ibiza. Well, now you know why!

The sunset view is worth every single penny. Believe me or not, you would not regret visiting this small island when you have planned a visit to Spain, and that is for sure.

This beautiful piece of land stands unique on the Mediterranean Sea, and it is considered a perfect place for having fun in a variety of ways. They say it’s very easy to fall in love with Ibiza. That is true if you can’t resist partying and enjoying the trip. Once you taste the beauty of this white island, you will surely think about visiting again.

There is an array of things to see and do in Ibiza. From attending music festivals to enjoying the beach, the list of things you can do in Ibiza just goes on and on. And of course, how can you forget Pikes?

Pikes Hotel

Are you planning for a weekend trip to Ibiza? Well, then you must have heard about Pikes Hotel. If you still don’t know what that is, you are probably missing out on something undoubtedly.

Pikes hotel is the true icon, or one can say “symbol” of Ibiza for a bunch of different reasons. Pikes hotel (most of the time also known as Pikes Ibiza) is one of the most popular luxury hotels situated on the island of Ibiza.

Simply put, it is an iconic Ibizan institution located near San Antonio. The hotel is quite popular for house fun and disco music facilities. One can think of Pikes Ibiza as a funky Finca-style hotel.

Now that you know about Pikes Ibiza let us know other aspects of this unique hotel.

Why Pikes Ibiza? 

There are a number of hotels situated around the Ibiza island. But Pikes Ibiza stands out of the box and is incomparable to all of them. Unlike most hotels, this hotel is cited as one of the most famous hotels on the island by travellers.

Pikes Ibiza is often linked to being a playground for famous as well as rich personalities. Part of its popularity comes from the film “Wham!’s” where a number of scenes are filmed in many parts of this hotel. Pikes hotel is also famous due to a lavish birthday bash of British singer “Freddie Mercury” held in Pikes Ibiza.

One of the reasons why you should go to Pikes Ibiza is that it is a luxury hotel. If you are looking for something lavish for your trip, Pikes Ibiza is what you must look for. Not just that, but the hotel is referred to as a true spiritual home of rock’n’roll.

The hotel currently has around 26 rooms, including 2 bars. What that means is you can easily book a room any time without worrying about the availability. To add up things for you, each room consists of king-sized beds and also has a restaurant.

Travelers often prefer such a hotel since the rooms are quite cheap, and the best thing is the theme. Yes, each of their room has a unique theme as well as style to suit the taste and requirements of travelers. While most of their rooms are based on different themes, one can still find similarities, such as Moroccan style with dark wood furnishings.


When it comes to features or unique characteristics, Pikes Hotel is second to none. For instance, the room is designed to showcase the original farmhouse with a modest setting room, plush sofas, and, most importantly, a CD player to add that flavour to the party.

A wide range of facilities, especially the facilities related to entertainment, is put in the hotel. From costume balls to flamenco, the hotel is known for its special shows and entertainment programs. Probably a worth it choice to relax and enjoy the rest of your trip after roaming across the island.

Not to forget to mention the garden, which also holds historical importance for the hotel. Visitors can get a range of services, including bars, clubs, restaurants, swimming pools, and whatnot. If you want to try your luck, there is even a casino for you.

Bottom lines

Having a hotel room to spend the rest of your trip relaxing in a safe place is important. However, if you get to stay in hotels like Pikes Ibiza, the fun and thrill can be guaranteed without a doubt. You know what that means!

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