Some Of The Top Dive Sites You Cannot Miss In Cozumel

Cozumel is one of the Mexican islands that is found on the coast of Mexico. It is surrounded by the Caribbean sea and is said to be famous for scuba diving. You can see the spectacular coral reefs as well as the variety of marine life like the sea horses, turtles, sharks, and different kinds of reef fishes. 

If you love diving, then Cozumel is the right place for you, which has different sites perfect for your needs as well as experience. You can experience the thrilling wall dives to the shallow ones which are just a variety for every diver. At Salty Endeavors, they can help you to get to all dive sites in Cozumel. They provide different programs both for beginners as well as for experienced divers. For beginners, they also provide a one-day introduction to scuba diving and a 4-day full certification program. 

Here is the list of Dive Sites that is perfect for you Divers:

Santa Rosa Wall 

It is one of the popular dive sites which is deep down the sea. The wall starts at around 15 meters and goes deep inside the Caribbean Sea. This has numerous things for the divers like the sponges, tunnels, caves, and overhangs of stony corals. The wide variety of marine life present here includes sea turtles, eagle rays, etc. It can be good for intermediate divers as the current here is very strong.

Colombia wall

This is over 30 meters high and has many stunning caves, tunnels, and cavern systems. You will giant coral pillars that are taller around 20 meters. You will find the large barracuda and larger sea turtles, eagle rays, and beautiful reef fish. You will also find the Blue tang which is a fish also called a surgeon fish with scalpel-sharp tail appendages. 

Palancar reef

If you are a first-time diver then Palancar reef is the perfect site for you. It can also be an enjoyable dive for experienced divers. It has a huge number of coral clusters with thousands of coral species with purple and orange sponges. The sea is calm and is good for even beginners. 

The most stunning dive sites in Cozumel you don't want to miss

Palancar horseshoe

This has a u-shaped protrusion on the wall with tunnels and swim-throughs that are carved into the reef. This means you can explore this particular reef inside and out. It has all the star, sheet, and brain corals that provide a city skyline effect. When you dive inside, you will see alcoves filled with blue and brown Chromis, as well as glassy sweepers that shimmer through the blue water. 

Barracuda Reef

It has a huge current and a variety of marine life that includes hammerheads, black-tip reef sharks, eagle rays, and most obviously barracuda. This is made for advanced and reputable divers. 

Paradise beach

If you enjoy doing beach diving, then this is the right site for you where you can enjoy it not only in the daytime but also at the night. This is located in the north of Caleta where you will see a good number of dive shops and centers. This is particularly used for certification dives. 

So, if you are new to this diving then this would be a perfect place for an introduction to diving. Salty Endeavors are there for you. Just log in to their Facebook site for more offers and details. 


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