How to plan a sailing trip

If you want to enjoy a sailing trip, you should learn how to plan it properly. This is where you will need to pay attention to a variety of factors. From this article, we will provide a helping hand to you with sharing details on how to plan a sailing trip correctly. 

  • Plan what you are going to eat 

Choosing what to eat in preparation is among the most difficult sailing challenges. And as every sailor is aware, nothing beats having a fantastic dinner on deck in a remote location. It’s worth planning so you’ll have the correct stores on hand because food always tastes better outside. Plan a rotation after calculating how many dinner parties you’ll need for a month’s worth of travel. Boneless chicken thighs, steaks, and filtered fresh fish all freeze well. They should be taken out of their individual packaging, split into portions of two, and then each should be wrapped in freezer paper. Your entrees shrink when frozen, occupying little room in the ice box on your boat. Remember to label everything! But don’t worry because this best yacht rental in fort Lauderdale even offers the best food for you to savor!

  • Plan how to take water 

Water is a constant problem on long journeys to remote areas. Installing a water maker is a common decision among boaters, but they are pricey and labor-intensive. You can keep filling the tanks with potable water if you don’t have a water maker. When that isn’t a possibility, you need to be extra cautious: be aware of how many gallons your tank holds and keep a close eye on it. You ought to be able to spend two to four days without restocking by saving water, utilizing backup containers, and collecting rainwater. 

  • Don’t ignore your entertainment needs 

De-stressing takes a few days. But when you do, time extends in a way that is one of the finest aspects of being on the sea. You discover that your fragmented focus is suddenly becoming worse. Without interruptions, you find that you can read a lot more novels in addition to the one you’ve been putting off reading. On a yacht, reading abilities are available to everyone! Bring more novels than you believe you’ll need, a tiny portable speaker for music listening, a deck of cards for the cocktail hour, or any little games you like to play on the go. 

  • Get appropriate equipment as per weather 

You’ll require foul-weather attire for times on deck that are threatening or wet. The sailing bibs & performance jackets are nice. You’ll keep warm and dry with the bibs tucked into high rubber boat boots as well as the warm shearling pockets on the jackets. 

  • Plan how to do your laundry 

We don’t have washer/dryers on board, even though many motorboats have. However, it seems that laundry is the least of our concerns. If you’re going to be cruising around Canada, bring some laundry soap, loonies, and tote bags. When you really need them, laundromats are conveniently located at marinas. Being a boater involves folding t-shirts next to people who have intriguing tales to tell. 

  • Keep a Medical Kit Well-Stocked. 

It is crucial to have a quality first-aid kit on hand. You may purchase pre-made nautical kits or put your own together. If you decide to go with option two, make sure to pack waterproof bandages, burn relief cream, sterile skin and eye wipes, Benadryl, aspirin, and anti-itch creams for insect bites. 

Final words

Now you know how to plan for your next sailing adventure. Boats do sink, and they do so sometimes quite swiftly. An EPIRB & inflatable life raft which arrived with our yacht are part of our abandon ship strategy. In the worst-case situation, if we are unable to make a Mayday call, the EPIRB sends out a distress signal that includes our precise position. The inflatable raft is bulky, difficult to inflate, and requires yearly maintenance. It’s our last option. A superior choice? Create a ditch kit that you can grab quickly and get into your dinghy. Keep the kit in a visible location. Ours is equipped with water, rations, flares, and a waterproof radio.


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