Top reasons why paddle boards are expensive

Paddle boarding is one of the fun activities you can enjoy on a bright, sunny day. It not only helps you give wings to your passion, but also is great for your physique. However, not many people pursue paddle boarding these days. This is because paddle boards from good brands, like Honu, are quite expensive.  Have you ever wondered why these paddleboards are so expensive? Here are the top reasons for the same:

Cost depends on the size

Good-quality paddleboards, like Honu paddleboards, are definitely on the pricier side, because of their superior-quality shape and build. An SUP paddle board has to be at a height of 1o or 11 feet, it should be around 34 inches wide. As you start to gain expertise in this sport, your paddle boards will start getting bigger and wider. Hence, the size of the equipment is the major contributing factor to the high costs involved with paddle boarding.

Wood veneer finishing

Great & sturdy paddle boards are those that come with a wood veneer finishing. Usually this finishing is made from bamboo or pinewood. Apart from improving the visual appeal of the paddle boards, this wood veneer finishing layer helps to improve their overall structure, durability and balance. Cheap paddle boards that don’t have this wood veneer finishing layer may not be durable or steady.

Costly raw materials

The raw materials used to make paddle boards are quite costly, as they have to perform different activities like maintaining the balance of the paddler, gear used while paddle boarding and moving through the fast water currents. The common raw materials used for making these boards are polystyrene, expanded polystyrene or extruded polystyrene. Even at the beginner level, paddle boards are made from polystyrene, which is a costly material. Since paddle boards have to be extremely versatile and buoyant on water, it is made from costly materials. You can visit to look at some of the high-quality paddle boards you will help you get more out of your sport.

Performance determines the cost

How do you plan to use your saddle board? The answer to this question will determine the cost of the equipment. Do you want to take it out to put your hobby to practice while on your vacation? Do you plan to use it for a specific purpose like racing, fishing, yoga, touring and more? SUP paddle boards designed for specific purposes are definitely going to cost you more, because they have to be designed differently from the normal paddle boards.  For example, a racing paddle board is longer and way narrower than a normal paddle board. 

While there are many other reasons that make paddle boarding an expensive sport, these are the most common ones that we could think of. If you are interested in paddle boarding, and want to learn the tricks of the sport properly, investing in a good-quality paddle board is of paramount importance. Yes, it may burn a deep hole in your pocket right now, but you will be convinced of your investment, when it starts giving you good returns for many years.


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